Wednesday 1 June 2016

Reset Toner Brother MFC series

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Brother MFC printer toner reset

Problem: The printer does not recognize the toner

Brother MFC
Brother MFCA can sometimes happen that when installing the printer toner will launch messages such as "Replace Toner" or "Out of toner" or simply "toner error". Do not worry, it is relatively common to occur in Brother printers when you install a toner that is not the manufacturer's brand.

In this case, the solution is quite simple. First we recommend you try to make toner restart before proceeding with the steps listed below you.

If the steps you still has problems, try to do the following after performing:

  1. Open the front cover of the printer (where the toner is introduced)
  2. On the printer display you will get a message like "Front cover open" or "Cover Open".
  3. Press the "CLEAR" or "DELETE" button.
  4. A beep sounds in the printer and the display appears the message "Replace Drum?"
  5. Click on the following combination * 00 numeric keypad and press the "ENTER" button.
  6. Close the front cover, the printer will restart.
  7. If after you reset the printer toner still has problems, try uninstalling the printer and reinstall it again. Optimally, in these cases, is that again install the software CD that comes with the printer, if not, you can download the driver from the official website of Brother.

Why does this happen?

As discussed above, it is relatively common to happen with Brother laser printers. Some printer models have an internal page counter printers that are renewed as the consumable is changed. Sometimes this is not done automatically reboot and the printer does not recognize the toner as brand new or you fail. That is why, so it is necessary to inform the printer that you have installed a new consumable and you have to start counting from zero.

These steps pose no risk to the printer, so if we recommend is that you read completely before starting to perform them.

What if it does not recognize the toner?

If you're still having problems despite this, it is best that you contact the store that supplied the toner because you may simply this is defective and replace it with a new one you can print normally.

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