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Change toner printer Brother HL-1210W

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Brother HL-1210W

Change toner printer Brother HL-1210W

Change the Toner Brother HL-1210W printer is very simple. A manual is included with all steps for all Brother printers. If you do not have to hand, do not panic, follow the instructions that you indicated below.

Brother HL-1210W

  • With the printer on, open the top cover (dark gray).
  • You will see a piece with a handle. Pull the handle up and out of everything.

Change printer toner Brother HL-1210W

  • This piece is the drum unit and toner (which are embedded with each other).
  • Separates the toner from the drum as shown in the image below and place the new toner in place.

Replace Toner Brother HL-1210W

  • It is advisable to slide the tab green drum side to side when a new toner is installed.
  • Place the drum inside the printer and close the cover.

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