Wednesday 27 April 2016

What is a laser printer fuser?

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Printer fuser

Printer Description fuser

Fuser: According to RAE: "vessel or instrument used to melt." Since it appears that not much wet, here we go with our particular definition of melter.

Laser printers have certain components that can be changed as they will suffer wear. In addition to the toner and drum, one of the essential parts for printing is the fuser.
laser printer fuser
In most home printers or small format, the fuser is part of the printer and can not be changed or purchased separately. However, higher-performance printers or large format, this piece must be changed every certain period (usually the printer notifies you of the change).

And, what is the function of the melter?

The fuser is responsible for permanently attaching the toner to the paper dust thanks to a combination of heat and pressure. Without it, the impressions would be fixed leaf and therefore the result would be a stained sheet toner powder unlearned, images or text. Yet it is important that when you ask the printer maintenance, do not forget the fuser.

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