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Ink saving tips

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Save on printer ink

How to save on prints using less ink

We leave you some tips that will help you save on your impressions of both ink and toner.

  1. Print in draft mode: This mode is available on some printer models in the brand Brother for example there is an option of "Toner Save". Through the Office document, print when you select the printer properties. There you can activate toner saving draft or what it will do is print a little lighter than normal, but still legible form.

2. Print pages written on one side: Exactly! How many papers used on one side and then we throw away? We can reuse them for documents to be submitted not anyone.

3. Leverage duplexing: Many printers have automatic duplexing print that makes work easier because you just have to select the option and the printer does the rest.

4. Turn off automatic mode: Especially in companies, turn on the printer first thing ... and can stay on for days. This increases the power consumption of the printer and can shorten its life, so ... or are pending or better activate the sleep mode.

5. Print color only when needed: If calculásemos the difference in cost per page of the same document in color and black and white ... we would be surprised. If not essential, best monochrome.

6. Control Programs: Some Softwares of all printers allow you to print so as to save on ink or toner. These programs automatically removed images, the big titles or less important data (headers / footers ...)

7. XL Consumables: Almost all brands have cartridges with XL versions whose cost per ml is lower than normal.
xl cartridges

8. Take care of the printer and clean it: The printers need regular maintenance, it is best to check with the printer manual and follow cleaning. A printer can consume you messed up more ink than one that is good.

9. Typeface: do not you think so? Bolding are the worst enemy of savings! But not only that, the font also influences. A light Eras ITC does not use the same amount of ink a Britannic Bold. Also shaded, they underlined and additional others, can vary your ink consumption significantly.

spending ink letter source

10. The printer spends more if printed sporadically: On some models can reach 503% increase ink consumption when printing from time to time if done intensively.

11. Dries if the printer is not in use: In inkjet printers must be very careful if we abandoned for a time ... cartridges have a head where the ink comes out. If it ceases to be used, the ink that soaks the head is dry, so, or we got back we print head cleaning or doing we must pull the cartridge :-(. In the case of toners, often for lack of use toner powder caked on the inside remains. it is common to have to remove it, shake slightly to distribute the toner well and put it back into the printer.

12. Type of paper: there are different sizes, thicknesses, quality ... If we can better recycled paper, and if it has to be new role, we can opt for any of average quality.

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HP Laserjet Pro M476 MFP - Print page Cleaning

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Print page Cleaning HP Laserjet Pro M476 MFP

Solution toner stains on prints

Print page Cleaning HP Laserjet Pro M476 MFP

It is possible that impressions can use to start out with stains or soils both front and back sides of the sheet. We think that laser printers take some supplies that are called carry toner and dust inside.
This dust is very fine and can get into any small hole or slot producing long problems in our printer.

Check out our post if you do not know what a toner or want to know how laser printers work.

It is important to perform maintenance on a regular basis for the printer to work as long as the first day and help to increase their shelf life so it is not more you take a look at post on some of our recommendations for maintaining the printer.

To print the cleaning page of the HP Laserjet Pro M476 MFP follow the steps below you say:


  • A4 plain paper loaded in the printer
  • With the printer on, we touch on the home screen the "Settings" button.
  • Now press the "Service" menu
  • Touch the OK button to start cleaning.
  • When you leave the blade, remove and re-load it into the tray with the same orientation and wait until the process is completed.

There are times we have to do this process several times since with one may not be enough. However, if you do it after the problem still exists, some of the consumables may be defective and then you have to change it.

Clean the scanner

Turn off the printer and disconnect it from the power cord to make sure it is turned off at all times.
Open the scanner lid and clean both the glass and the white plastic that is on the top with a cloth or sponge very soft and slightly dampened with glass cleaner. (Do not use abrasives as acetone, ammonia, alcohol and the like).
While dry glass and plastic with a dry lint-free cloth.
Connect the printer again and try to scan or copy something, go! You have your impeccable printer!

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M476

We also advise occasionally make an internal cleaning of the printer. To do this we will open the printer cover and we will draw one by one all replaceable components (toner, drum ...). With a dry cloth and if possible, lint-free, we all internal cleaning of the printer to remove any dust that may have accumulated. Then we will be placing one by one the components that we have taken.

If after changing the toner that is producing stains and having made several cleanings are coming out defects in the printer, it is best that you contact your service printer as the problem may be in any part of the printer that it can not be changed if not a professional.

HP laser printers offer very good results and have support behind you can help with the problems that will arise.

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How to change the Canon MX410 printer cartridges

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Canon printer MX-410

Change printer cartridges Canon MX-410

Printers usually come with a user guide where you can see the steps to change ink cartridges if you do not have or have lost, you can follow the instructions listed below you.

Canon MX-410
* Change your printer cartridge when prompted only the printer itself. No need to change the two cartridges at a time, only to be depleted.

  • With the printer connected to the computer and the power, check that is on.
  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Lift the top cover (where the scanner is) to access the cartridges.
  • Extracts the cartridges as shown in the image. First you have to lift the cover that holds the cartridge and then pull it out.
Change printer cartridges Canon MX

  • Take the new cartridge and remove all bearing seals.
  • Install it in the corresponding hole and as such was the other cartridge and close the cartridge cover until it clicks. * It is important that the cover is properly closed and straight to fit.
  • To close the scanner cover you have to lift slightly this and close smoothly.

If you want more information about Canon MX-410 printer can take a look at our review.

These steps to change cartridges Canon MX-410, also serves the following models of Canon printers:
Canon MX-395, Canon MX-475, MX-525 Canon, Canon MX-535, MX-725 Canon Canon Canon MX-895 and MX-925.

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Canon Pixma MP230 Change Cartridges

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Canon MP-230 Printer

Change printer cartridges Canon Pixma MP-230

Canon MP-230When we have to change cartridges Canon Pixma MP230 our, it is very important not to touch the connectors because it can damage them. Connectors are a metal chapita also known as "chip" if, for example, this chip is dirty or damaged, it can cause the printer not detected properly and the cartridge unusable stay.

The cartridges are changed when the printer throws a warning via computer or if you have, through your screen. This printer uses two ink cartridges, one black and one tricolor. Normally printers require both cartridges are properly installed in order to work well, but only go to print in black and white.

Before you begin, you keep the printer ready to print. Once we have connected the printer is on, follow these steps:

  • Lift the scanner cover as shown in the image.
change cartridges canon MP230

  • Remove the cartridges holding fins cartridges and uploading them.
  • Open the new cartridge by removing all seals (remember not to touch any connector).
  • We insert the new cartridge (each in place) until it engages with a slight click.
change cartridges Canon MP230

  • Put down the printer cover and voila!

These steps also serve you to change cartridges following printers:

Canon Pixma iP2700 Canon Pixma iP2702, Canon Pixma MP230, Canon Pixma MP235, Canon Pixma MP240, Canon Pixma MP250, Canon Pixma MP252, Canon Pixma MP260, Canon Pixma MP270, Canon Pixma MP272, Canon Pixma MP280, Canon Pixma MP282, Canon Pixma MP480, MP490 Canon Pixma Canon Pixma MP492, Pixma MP495 Canon, Canon Pixma MP499, Canon Pixma MX320, Pixma MX330 Canon, Canon Pixma MX340, Pixma MX350 Canon, Canon Pixma MX360, MX410 and Canon Pixma MX420 Canon Pixma.

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Indicator Light "Error" orange Brother printer

Home >> Help >> Indicator Light "Error" orange Brother printer

Error light lit or flashing

The orange light on the printer is on or flashing (solution)

On some printers Brother can find several indicative of light that inform us about the status of the printer. Usually they have a light on and off, to see if the printer is on; and another of an error, which may indicate an internal problem that must be overcome.

Depending on the problem you have the printer and printer model, light can indicate one thing or another.

Printers indicators "DRUM" and "Error"

In case you have a printer with an LED indicator that says "DRUM" and another indicator that says "Error". The meanings of the lights are different:

Light "Drum" and flashing light "Ready" in green.

Brother drum lightIf the drum lights or turn on the printer and then suddenly starts blinking orange light "Drum" this means that the drum is running out and therefore have to change soon.

If you have installed a new drum, this may have occurred will not reset the counter of the drum unit. Check out the post on how to reset the counter drum Brother printers.

Light "Drum" permanently lit and light "Ready" in green.

Brother drum lightIf the drum light is on permanently, that is that the drum has reached its end of life and you have to change it to continue printing.

It may have happened that, when installing a new drum, have not reset the drum counter, so you'll have to reset the printer to detect it as new drum.

Light "Drum" light on and "Error" in orange.

Brother drum light
If both lights are on, it indicates a lock drum. In these cases, we recommend reinstalling the drum again and restart the counter of the printer to clear the error.

Printers with a single indicator light (!)

This is the simplest case of printers having only two indicator lights.

Error light "(!)" Flashes 3 times and off for one second

luz tambor BrotherThe lights pattern indicates the end of life of the drum soon or you have to replace it because it is already exhausted.

In case you have recently changed the drum and flashing light appears you'll have to tell the printer that you have changed the drum for a new one so you have to reset the counter.

There are more meanings of the indicator lights Brother printers. If you have not found the fault that is giving you, check out the post on the meaning of the lights Brother printers.

These information is valid for the following printer models:

Brother HL-10H Brother HL-600, Brother HL-630, Brother HL-631, Brother HL-641, Brother HL-645, Brother HL-650, Brother HL-655, Brother HL-660, Brother HL-665, Brother HL-700, Brother HL-720, Brother HL-730, Brother HL-760, Brother HL-820, Brother HL-960, Brother HL-1030, Brother HL-1040, Brother HL-1050, Brother HL-1060, Brother HL-1070, Brother HL-1110, Brother HL-1112, Brother HL-1200, Brother HL-1210, Brother HL-1212, Brother HL-1230, Brother HL-1240, Brother HL-1250, Brother HL-1260, Brother HL-1270, Brother HL-1400, Brother HL-1430, Brother HL-1435, Brother HL-1440, Brother HL-1450, Brother HL-1470, Brother HL-1650, Brother HL-1660, Brother HL-1670, Brother HL-1750, Brother HL-1800, Brother HL-1870, Brother HL-2030, Brother HL-2035, Brother HL-2040, Brother HL-2060, Brother HL-2070, Brother HL-2130, Brother HL-2135, Brother HL-2140, Brother HL-2150, Brother HL-2240, Brother HL-2250, Brother HL-2270, Brother HL-2400, Brother HL-2460, Brother HL-2600, Brother HL-2700, Brother HL-3040, Brother HL-3070, Brother HL-3140, Brother HL-3150, Brother HL-3170, Brother HL-3400, Brother HL-3450, Brother HL-4000, Brother HL-4040, Brother HL-4050, Brother HL-4070, Brother HL-4140, Brother HL-4150, Brother HL-4200, Brother HL-4570, Brother HL-5000, Brother HL-5030, Brother HL-5040, Brother HL-5050, Brother HL-5070, Brother HL-5130, Brother HL-5140, Brother HL-5150, Brother HL-5170, Brother HL-5250, Brother HL-5270, Brother HL-5280, Brother HL-5340, Brother HL-5350, Brother HL-5370, Brother HL-5380, Brother HL-5450, Brother HL-6050, Brother HL-7050, Brother HL-8000, Brother HL-9000, Brother HL-4, Brother HL-P2000 and Brother HL-P2500.

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What is a waste toner?

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Waste toner

Toner collector

Definition waste toner

Waste toner: cornerstone of laser printers that is responsible for collecting the waste toner.

Have you ever appeared to you the message of "change waste toner"?

Do not worry, because in some printers is the most normal thing in the world :-)
Laser printers working with toner, containing a powder which is the printer ink. The collector is responsible for collecting dust and accumulate excess toner in a plastic holder.

It is very common in laser printers Samsung this piece have to buy a part, because once it is full, a sensor is activated and the printer alerts you when you have to change, otherwise it will not let you print.

 Samsung toner collector

What i have to do if the waste toner is empty?

Try to empty on your own ... it is a bit complicated. The collector container is manufactured in a way that can enter the toner powder, but hardly out. In addition, the toner powder is finer so it usually costs quite clean; and if you want to suck, you need a special vacuum toner, since no conventional filter fine enough to collect this type of dust.

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Restart Printer Brother DCP-1510 toner

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Save on toner with continue mode

How to skip the message of "change toner" on printer Brother DCP-1510

In many of monochrome printers Brother jumps a warning "low toner" or "change toner" when they recognized that the toner is finished. However, as not all the same print, if you skip this error when prints jump totally sharp and well, you can skip this message and continue using the toner.

This is what is known as "Continue Mode" Brother toners.

Continue mode Brother


"Continue mode" it serves to resume printing again despite the message that appears on the LCD screen of your Brother printer. Activating this mode may cause the quality of the prints is not as good as at home but at least we can continue to use the toner to the actual end of its useful life.

When activated "mode to continue" the printer continues releasing messages "change toner" "toner low" or "spent toner". This mode is disabled once a new toner so you'll have to activate it every time you're with a new toner is installed.

Then you leave the steps to activate the "mode continue":

  • Press the "Menu" key and select "General Settings" >> "Replace Toner".
  • Continue mode Brother
  • Now using the arrows up or down, select "Continue" and click "OK".
  • Press the "Stop / Exit" and go! Button

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What is a toner?

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Toner laser printer

Description printer toner

Toner laser printer

The toner, or also known as dry ink, is a part of the printer that contains a fine powder that is what "draw" on paper what you want to print.

The toner is used by laser or thermal printers using the system Xerography (Latin Xeros = dry).


The operation of the toner is quite simple. This piece contains a normally black dry powder. This toner powder is collected by static electricity or the imaging drum (in some toners are in the same room and is separated from other toner). The imaging unit or drum will handle once the toner powder collected, transfer to paper thanks to a mixture of pressure and heat.

This system, compared to inkjet, is much faster and with higher quality. In addition, printing costs are often lower so normally laser printers are commonly used in offices.

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What is a laser printer fuser?

Home >> FAQ >> What is a laser printer fuser?

Printer fuser

Printer Description fuser

Fuser: According to RAE: "vessel or instrument used to melt." Since it appears that not much wet, here we go with our particular definition of melter.

Laser printers have certain components that can be changed as they will suffer wear. In addition to the toner and drum, one of the essential parts for printing is the fuser.
laser printer fuser
In most home printers or small format, the fuser is part of the printer and can not be changed or purchased separately. However, higher-performance printers or large format, this piece must be changed every certain period (usually the printer notifies you of the change).

And, what is the function of the melter?

The fuser is responsible for permanently attaching the toner to the paper dust thanks to a combination of heat and pressure. Without it, the impressions would be fixed leaf and therefore the result would be a stained sheet toner powder unlearned, images or text. Yet it is important that when you ask the printer maintenance, do not forget the fuser.

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Maintaining Selphy CP910 Canon

Home >> Help >> Maintenance Canon Selphy CP910

Maintaining Selphy CP910 Canon

Basic maintenance tasks

Canon Selphy CP910

The Canon Selphy printers are perfect for printing photos at home quickly and easily as well as being a device that just takes up space. If we want to prolong the life of your printer we must follow some maintenance and take the following precautions:

It would be best to keep the printer in a bag that does not allow transfer materials of this nature.

Maintenance Canon SelphyCare to expose the machines to insecticides and similar products, being tape cartridges ink inked, they can be damaged in contact with any type of spray.

Maintenance Canon SelphyMoving from a hot to a cold environment can create condensation, bringing back the ink ribbon may be impaired. The best thing to do when you have to do some of this is done to let the temperature slowly, and if it happens, let it dry naturally at room temperature before using the printer back to the machine.

Maintenance Canon SelphyIf it gets dirty, clean it with a soft, dry cloth, so as not to hurt, if you do it with very porous or wet surfaces and just then you decide to reuse may your impressions do not get all the good that you thought to what is Canon Selphy usual in the CP910.

Maintenance Canon SelphyIf the vent is dirty, it is important that you first extract the ink cartridge and paper, wipe the machine, spend some time and from there you can reuse the Selphy CP910 printer. If you do not perform well you run the risk of dust or other elements of dirt adhering to the ink film cartridge, or even on the paper surface and then to print appears with a speck in relief to break away will leave a gap in white on the photograph that you just printed.

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Lock lever Brother printer ink

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Lock lever in the Brother printer ink

Locking lever ink component Brother printers inkjet

Brother inkjet printers

One of the things most characteristic of inkjet printers Brother are locking levers ink. These levers make the lock function so that the ink cartridge is securely so you can print correctly.

Many times to see if an ink cartridge of a Brother printer is installed correctly, not only to look at the LCD screen printer can know. There is another more rudimentary formula, perhaps less known, that is the "click" sounds by the lock lever to push the printer ink cartridge in the slot intended for the Brother color printer.

Brother locking lever

In the ink cartridges Brother, loose, without placing the printer in its original packaging, usually also includes a part that can not be entered into the printer and a new lever, but in this case release the ink cartridge .

Once you take out the ink cartridge Brother your bag, you'll notice as one of the ends of the leaves ink cartridge, there is a piece of plastic that must be removed as shown in the illustration below. It is essential rotate the lever in the direction of clockwise so that the ink outlet is clean and unobstructed, and once this happens, you can take the plastic part without difficulty to be installed on the Brother printer.

Brother locking lever

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Change toner printer Brother HL-1210W

Home >> Help >> Change printer toner Brother HL-1210W

Brother HL-1210W

Change toner printer Brother HL-1210W

Change the Toner Brother HL-1210W printer is very simple. A manual is included with all steps for all Brother printers. If you do not have to hand, do not panic, follow the instructions that you indicated below.

Brother HL-1210W

  • With the printer on, open the top cover (dark gray).
  • You will see a piece with a handle. Pull the handle up and out of everything.

Change printer toner Brother HL-1210W

  • This piece is the drum unit and toner (which are embedded with each other).
  • Separates the toner from the drum as shown in the image below and place the new toner in place.

Replace Toner Brother HL-1210W

  • It is advisable to slide the tab green drum side to side when a new toner is installed.
  • Place the drum inside the printer and close the cover.

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Saturday 16 April 2016

Printer cleaning HP Laserjet Pro M176 MFP

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Printer cleaning HP Laserjet Pro M176 MFP

How to clean the HP Laserjet Pro M176 MFP printer

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M176
This HP printer is a semi-professional printer that offers very good performance. If we continue to maintain print quality over time and the printer last us many years, vece have to perform a series of cleanings.

Then you leave the instructions recommended by the manufacturer to keep about your printer as the first day!

Print page Cleaning

As mentioned in another post, laser printers, with use, they are "smearing" inside the remains of toner powder. We must bear in mind that the toner powder is a very fine powder and can fit through any crack or hole of the printer. Sometimes, you can stay on the rollers and we can cause problems with print quality as spots, dots, stripes, lines, etc.

In order to solve this, we will print with the printer cleaning page.

  • In the control panel of your printer, press "Settings"
  • In the menu that opens, select "Service"
  • Now we choose "Cleaning Mode"
  • Load A4 size plain paper when prompted printer
  • Give the "OK" button and wait for the printer to remove the cleaning page.
  • When finished it will ask you to take back the sheet and reload it into the input tray with the same orientation.
  • Wait until you finish making the process and you can and discard the page.

Other times, it can happen that copies or scans leave us with little dots or fluffs that are unattractive to our impressions. This can deverse to the scanner may have accumulated dust or dirt and is affecting performance. To clean it, follow the steps listed you.

Clean the scanner

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect it from the power cord to make sure it is turned off at all times.
  • Open the scanner lid and clean both the glass and the white plastic that is on the top with a cloth or sponge very soft and slightly dampened with glass cleaner. (Do not use abrasives as acetone, ammonia, alcohol and the like).
  • While dry glass and plastic with a dry lint-free cloth.
  • Connect the printer again and try to scan or copy something, go! You have your impeccable printer!

These steps are also valid for the HP Laserjet printer Pro MFP M177

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