Tuesday 10 May 2016

Change Printer cartridges Canon MG-2555

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Canon printer MG-2555

Change Printer cartridges Canon MG-2555

All printers usually come with a manual or user guide where are the instructions to change printer cartridges. In the series of Canon MG-2500 you have left at the end of the post the link of all the manuals available so you can download without problems.

Canon MG-2555

You have to change the cartridges when the alarm light blinks orange (error) and the ink lamps at a time.The steps then we will serve you to replace virtually all of Canon's FINE cartridges (two cartridges: one black and one tricolor) type.

We check that the printer is turned on and connected to the computer.If the paper tray is extended below the close.We open the front cover. To do this we need to pull us and down, as shown in the image below. We'll see how the "car" of the cartridges moves to the center so that we can easily change them.

Cambiar cartuchos impresora Canon MG-2555

  • Remove the cartridge "car." To do this, simply press the end of the cartridge down until it clicks. Do not force or squeeze too, so if you see that it costs a lot of work, maybe you're not doing well.
  • Get the whole cartridge and take the new cartridge. Remember to remove all seals before installing it, because if not, the cartridge will give you problems and will not work perfectly. The seal is usually in the head cartridge.
  • Insert the new cartridge. Make the same movement as when you extracted the other, but in reverse. To lock the cartridge has to make a click.

Cambiar cartuchos impresora Canon MG-2555

Close the front cover. The printer must be ready to print. If the light "alarm" lights orange after installing it ... .you have not done something well: -S. Do not worry and try to do it again.

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