Tuesday 10 May 2016

How to change printer cartridges dela DCP-J132W Brother

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Printer Brother DCP-J132W

Change Printer cartridges Brother DCP-J132W

Want to know how to change cartridges Brother DCP-J153W? Us how:
The Brother DCP-J132W printer has four individual ink cartridges. Here we can locate on the right front of the printer:

Brother DCP-J132W

To change we can follow the steps come in the User Guide of the printer or the following:

  • Open the cartridge cover.
  • Each cartridge has a flange at the top. Simply press the lever to release the lock and the cartridge will.Cartridges Brother DCP-J132W
  • Take the new cartridge and remove all the protections you may have. (Without shaking the cartridge).
  • Insert the cartridge in its corresponding color and gently press the cartridge into until you see the lock lever is lifted.
Cartridges Brother DCP-J132W
  • Close the cartridge cover ... and READY!

You have changed your cartridges Brother printer!

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