Thursday 5 May 2016

How long is the liftime of a printer?

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Lifetime of printers.

How long is the lifetime of a printer.

The life of a printer depends on the use you give him and the type of printer. Normally laser printers typically last several years, because the mechanism that is stronger than the inkjet printers.

Printer lifetime

Inkjet printers, having more sensitive parts such as heads, according to most consumers, from 3 years to start printing problems. It is why many manufacturers such as HP, have made printers with separate heads, which may be changed as a cartridge. This prevents the need to change the printer or take it to service if you crashed head.

Recommendations to extend the life of your printer
A printer with good maintenance you can take considerably longer years, even sometimes happens that if we stop using the printer for a long time, breaks, since the inside of a printer is a bit delicate and if it gets dust and dirt can give working.

Maintaining a printer starts from the installation in a suitable place (no high humidity or heat, without being constantly is giving the sun, etc).

In inkjet printers, as mentioned, print continuously or at least once a week is important. This is because over time the ink cartridges are dry and this can leave damaged the printhead (which is a bit difficult to fix but depends on the model) and the cartridges themselves (if you dry the ink cartridges check out as clean to recover).

Toner in printers, is not as essential print every week, even if that after a long time without printing, you must shake the toner several times to spread well the toner powder inside.

Do head cleaning and nozzle check whenever we have problems printing is essential to keep the printer clean.

Some laser printers must be cleaned inside to remove toner dust that accumulates inside. In manual it comes as printers do better but just a cloth lint to remove dirt from every corner.

If we are to go on vacation, we recommend that printers ink cartridges withdraw and keep individual and closed bags. Printers, better cover them with what we have at hand and desenchufarlas of light and computer.

In short, as with everything, the more you care for more last us.

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