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WHY CHOOSE: tricolor cartridge vs. three cartridges

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Printers with 3 single tri-color cartridge or cartridges

ink cartridges

¿Tricolor ink cartridges or three cartridges?

Tricolor ink cartridges or three loose ink cartridges, the great dilemma. Besides recommend you to read our guide recommendations to keep in mind when buying a new printer, we need to see the own tricolor ink cartridges and loose the three cartridges of each color ink characteristics.

Type ink cartridges and components

On the one hand we must know that in most cases, the tri-color cartridges include the print head, which, in theory you should save on the one hand, you lose when you buy a more expensive product. But of course ... the printers with tri-color cartridge, tend to be cheaper, because, just lack printhead and this among many other things, can lower the cost price of the printer.

How the colors are achieved?

You should know that to get a color print, the mixture of four colors of the four main colors, ie, black, cyan, magenta and yellow is performed. So, having individual cartridges, you probably get optimize performance and utilization of all colors with which mixtures are made. I give you an example that describes this graphically.

ink colors

Create the orange through or CMYK four-color (acronym for the four main colors mentioned above), it requires:

  • 0% cyan
  • 50% magenta
  • 100% yellow
  • 0% black

With this example easily we demonstrate that it is dangerous to buy a printer of this type if the logo of your company or project is orange, because large amount of cyan will remain unused before you have to change the ink cartridge from your printer.

If you're going to make a household printer, if we recommend this type of printer, because ... really for the low cost and print have sporadically or even things in black, it makes sense to use these printers. If this is not the case and you decant for an inkjet printer ink is more advisable although it has a higher cost of implementation (more expensive printer), you do do with a printer ink cartridges with independent colors, ie three cartridges.

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