Tuesday 10 May 2016

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Epson XP-322 printer

Change Printer cartridges Epson XP-322

To replace the ink cartridges from the printer you can use the instructions in the manual for your printer or follow the steps below.

Epson XP-322 printer

* First of all, replacing the ink cartridges so you only when prompted by the printer. The printer must be connected and turned as if ready to print.

  • From the LCD screen verifies that the printer cartridges have to be replaced, press the OK button and select "Change Now" on the menu. Another option is to go to menu "Settings" >> "Maintenance" >> "Ink Cartridge Change" and press the blue button.
  • In the case of black ink cartridge, it is recommended to shake a few times before installing.
  • Remove the cartridge from the blister and remove solely the yellow tape as shown in the image.
  • Open the top cover to access the cartridges. To remove the cartridge, press the tab and pull it up.

Change cartridges Epson
  • Insert the cartridge into place until you hear a "click" and close the cover up.
  • Press the blue button and ready!

These steps to change the Epson printer cartridges, are also valid for the following models:
Epson XP-102, Epson XP-202, Epson XP-205, Epson XP-212, Epson XP-215, Epson XP-225, Epson XP-30, Epson XP-302, Epson XP-305, Epson XP-312, Epson XP-315, Epson XP-322, Epson XP-325, Epson XP-402, Epson XP-405, Epson XP-412, Epson XP-415.

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