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How to print in black and white

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How to print in black and white with color printers

Monochrome printing with HP, Brother, Epson, Canon and Samsung printers.

Print in monochrome

We often want to print documents that really are not very important or we can do without color. To do this with a print in grayscale or black and white will suffice us and also we save ink. You can configure the print in black and white is quite similar in the different brands of printers.

Take the example that we have a Word document and want to print in black and white.

To send print the document press the following keys on your keyboard "Ctrl + P" or "Ctrl. + P".

We will open a small window with the specifications for printing. There press "Properties". In the properties, depending on the printers we find some options or other.

For example, Samsung laser printers have to go to the tab "Design" and then on "Color Mode" Select "Grayscale".

In inkjet printers HP Deskjet can normally set from the printer program itself, "Advanced", then select Print in "Grayscale" and lowering the drop-down menu click on "Black Ink Only".

With the Canon inkjet printers, for example the series of the Canon Pixma MG, we can open the printer driver and on the tab that says "Main" select "Grayscale".

If we have a Brother printer, such as a Brother MFC-J430W, when we give to print and then we click on "Preferences" We will open another dialog with the printer properties: quality, size, orientation ... There we see that we can choose "Grayscale" and even print in "ink saving mode".

What we got printed in black and white?

Save printing in black and white
Mainly, what we want is not to waste color ink when it is not really necessary. If it is true that some printer models pull some ink cartridges to print color or grayscale black and white but obviously not as much as if imprimieses full color.

You may also wish that effect on some documents and want to choose this option. Our recommendation is that, if not absolutely necessary, imprimáis in black and white in "draft mode" because eventually you will notice a big savings in ink!

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