Tuesday 10 May 2016

How to change cartridges Canon MX-410 printer

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Canon printer MX-410

Change printer cartridges Canon MX-410

Printers usually come with a user guide where you can see the steps to change ink cartridges if you do not have or have lost, you can follow the instructions listed below you.

Canon MX-410

*Change your printer cartridge when prompted only the printer itself. No need to change the two cartridges at a time, only to be depleted.

  • With the printer connected to the computer and the power, check that is on.
  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Lift the top cover (where the scanner is) to access the cartridges.
  • Extracts the cartridges as shown in the image. First you have to lift the cover that holds the cartridge and then pull it out.
  • Change printer cartridges Canon MX
  • Take the new cartridge and remove all bearing seals.
  • Install it in the corresponding hole and as such was the other cartridge and close the cartridge cover until it clicks. * It is important that the cover is properly closed and straight to fit.
  • To close the scanner cover you have to lift slightly this and close smoothly.

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These steps to change cartridges Canon MX-410, also serves the following models of Canon printers:

Canon MX-395, Canon MX-475, MX-525 Canon, Canon MX-535, MX-725 Canon Canon Canon MX-895 and MX-925.

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