Tuesday 10 May 2016

Printers that spend low ink

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Did you buy that printer was on offer for 30 €? Have you then regretted to see that the cartridges are worth more than the printer itself? Probably who answered yes to the first question ... .also made it to the second.
Printers who spend little
Impresoras que gasten poco

If we remember the saying "cheap is expensive" with printers corresponds to 100%. You can usually find a printer inkjet for 40 €, however, when buying cartridges, you will realize that these are quite expensive.

Generally, the inkjet printers typically spend more than the laser. The problem with the latter is that they usually cost more than € 100, so in the first instance, we can be expensive.

If what you're looking for is that the cost per copy as small as possible, we do recommend a mono laser printer (ie, that only print in black and white). The only thing is to renounce the colored end, but always can go to a reprographic printing in color, in the end, will be cheaper to print it at home with an inkjet printer.

As for models ... There are no specific models that use less than normal, but we recommend that are printers that can be configured the way it is printed. For example, in some Brother printers, you can activate the "toner saving mode". Thus, what it does is clarify a bit the tone of the prints, so you can see perfectly, but when printing, less toner is used.

Another way to get the most for print save is to buy economical ink. Currently there are many shops where you can buy supplies at a great price.

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