Tuesday 24 May 2016

What is a maintenance cartridge?

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Maintenance Cartridge

Maintenance cartridge description

Cartridge maintenance is a piece of laser printers that is responsible for collecting the toner remaining after the prints.
maintenance cartridge
cartucho de mantenimiento

For those who have a laser printer, once you've heard of the maintenance cartridge. Not all laser printers have them, but most large-format, ie, large printers as CANON IPF 6300, have this piece apart.

What is the function of a cartridge maintenance?

The maintenance cartridge is a part of some laser printers that is responsible for collecting the excess toner is ejected when printing. This piece, with use, there comes a time when it is filled.

Epson maintenance cartridge C13S020476

Thanks to sensors that are included, the printer itself detect when the maintenance cartridge is full, and then have to change it.

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