Wednesday 27 April 2016

What is a toner?

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Toner laser printer

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Toner laser printer

The toner, or also known as dry ink, is a part of the printer that contains a fine powder that is what "draw" on paper what you want to print.

The toner is used by laser or thermal printers using the system Xerography (Latin Xeros = dry).


The operation of the toner is quite simple. This piece contains a normally black dry powder. This toner powder is collected by static electricity or the imaging drum (in some toners are in the same room and is separated from other toner). The imaging unit or drum will handle once the toner powder collected, transfer to paper thanks to a mixture of pressure and heat.

This system, compared to inkjet, is much faster and with higher quality. In addition, printing costs are often lower so normally laser printers are commonly used in offices.

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