Wednesday 27 April 2016

Lock lever Brother printer ink

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Lock lever in the Brother printer ink

Locking lever ink component Brother printers inkjet

Brother inkjet printers

One of the things most characteristic of inkjet printers Brother are locking levers ink. These levers make the lock function so that the ink cartridge is securely so you can print correctly.

Many times to see if an ink cartridge of a Brother printer is installed correctly, not only to look at the LCD screen printer can know. There is another more rudimentary formula, perhaps less known, that is the "click" sounds by the lock lever to push the printer ink cartridge in the slot intended for the Brother color printer.

Brother locking lever

In the ink cartridges Brother, loose, without placing the printer in its original packaging, usually also includes a part that can not be entered into the printer and a new lever, but in this case release the ink cartridge .

Once you take out the ink cartridge Brother your bag, you'll notice as one of the ends of the leaves ink cartridge, there is a piece of plastic that must be removed as shown in the illustration below. It is essential rotate the lever in the direction of clockwise so that the ink outlet is clean and unobstructed, and once this happens, you can take the plastic part without difficulty to be installed on the Brother printer.

Brother locking lever

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