Wednesday 27 April 2016

What is a waste toner?

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Waste toner

Toner collector

Definition waste toner

Waste toner: cornerstone of laser printers that is responsible for collecting the waste toner.

Have you ever appeared to you the message of "change waste toner"?

Do not worry, because in some printers is the most normal thing in the world :-)
Laser printers working with toner, containing a powder which is the printer ink. The collector is responsible for collecting dust and accumulate excess toner in a plastic holder.

It is very common in laser printers Samsung this piece have to buy a part, because once it is full, a sensor is activated and the printer alerts you when you have to change, otherwise it will not let you print.

 Samsung toner collector

What i have to do if the waste toner is empty?

Try to empty on your own ... it is a bit complicated. The collector container is manufactured in a way that can enter the toner powder, but hardly out. In addition, the toner powder is finer so it usually costs quite clean; and if you want to suck, you need a special vacuum toner, since no conventional filter fine enough to collect this type of dust.

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