Wednesday 27 April 2016

Maintaining Selphy CP910 Canon

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Maintaining Selphy CP910 Canon

Basic maintenance tasks

Canon Selphy CP910

The Canon Selphy printers are perfect for printing photos at home quickly and easily as well as being a device that just takes up space. If we want to prolong the life of your printer we must follow some maintenance and take the following precautions:

It would be best to keep the printer in a bag that does not allow transfer materials of this nature.

Maintenance Canon SelphyCare to expose the machines to insecticides and similar products, being tape cartridges ink inked, they can be damaged in contact with any type of spray.

Maintenance Canon SelphyMoving from a hot to a cold environment can create condensation, bringing back the ink ribbon may be impaired. The best thing to do when you have to do some of this is done to let the temperature slowly, and if it happens, let it dry naturally at room temperature before using the printer back to the machine.

Maintenance Canon SelphyIf it gets dirty, clean it with a soft, dry cloth, so as not to hurt, if you do it with very porous or wet surfaces and just then you decide to reuse may your impressions do not get all the good that you thought to what is Canon Selphy usual in the CP910.

Maintenance Canon SelphyIf the vent is dirty, it is important that you first extract the ink cartridge and paper, wipe the machine, spend some time and from there you can reuse the Selphy CP910 printer. If you do not perform well you run the risk of dust or other elements of dirt adhering to the ink film cartridge, or even on the paper surface and then to print appears with a speck in relief to break away will leave a gap in white on the photograph that you just printed.

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